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It's More than a Major at HU: Critical Skills for Career Success

Harrisburg University offers an education employers value

Your education at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is comprehensive and complete. Technical expertise goes hand-in-hand with ethical decision making and teamwork. Critical thinking incorporates global awareness. And, information literacy drives everything we do.

Our students are expected to demonstrate mastery of eight university-wide competencies upon graduation: Critical Thinking; Communication; Teamwork and Collaboration; Entrepreneurship; Information Literacy; Ethical Decision Making; Global Awareness; Civic Engagement. Regardless of a student’s major, employers and community leaders desire these core competencies; they also serve the broader purpose of preparation for life and citizenship!

Student learning around each of the University competencies is a focus of assessment activities. Student learning assessment is anchored in the use of ePortfolios throughout the student's program of study. The University is committed to improve its program offerings by comparing student assessment outcomes to the program and course goals.