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Harrisburg University offers a growing array of public offerings for continuing education, and many ways of working directly with companies to fulfill their unique needs through customized training. Whether you're looking for professional development to enhance your knowledge and skills, or training for employees, Harrisburg University's approach to learning could be exactly the type of resource you need.

Our areas of focus include:  Project Management; Learning Technologies; Food Safety & Quality Assurance

Multimedia & Interactive Technologies; Computer & Information Systems; Enterprise Architecture;

Active Learning  Leadership, Management & Communications

Professional Development Resources for Your Organization

Organizations invest in their human capital in order to be competitive and profitable, to meet strategic business objectives and priorities, and to innovate. HU recognizes this and works with many different kinds of organizations to develop and support training and education initiatives as a part of this investment.

HU is an active member of the workforce community and, therefore, is a local, long-term partner interested in understanding, and responding to, your organization's professional development priorities.

We operate based on the driving values of integrity, responsiveness, flexibility and utility.

We value the importance of experiential learning, and our professional and continuing education programs demonstrate this. Through innovative, applied, and learner-focused programs, participants gain access to expert information, in a way that allows them to reflect on how this can be applied in their day-to-day responsibilities.

We have worked with organizations to develop a wide range of solutions that include:

  • Noncredit training events, series, and
  • On-site, credit-based offerings, short of a degree, such as workshops, institutes, clinics, concentrations and specializations
  • On-site degree programs
  • Academic Program Evaluation of Employer Training

Leveraging the Expertise of our Applied Centers & Institutes

The centers and institutes at HU provide a venue where innovation, technical expertise and professional skills and knowledge can be used to benefit organizations within the region and beyond. The thought leadership of faculty and subject matter experts which drives some of our academic programs can be leveraged to support the workforce development and training needs of your organization.

HU's centers include the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies, the Food Science and Technology Center, the Geospatial Technologies Center and the Government Technology Institute.

Questions on how to tap into HU’s professional development resources: Call Jennifer Reiner at 717.901.5190 or email