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Applying leadership to Strategy, People, Climate in Project & Program Management

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Project Management InstituteIn many discussions with community leaders and employers, the topic of leadership has been a common theme related to how Harrisburg University can contribute to professional and workforce development. Because of the University’s interest in project management through its IT Project Management Master’s Degree program, it is fitting for the University to establish a program on Project Leadership. In addition to the degree, project management is also the focus of non-credit professional development programs. The University’s other Master of Science Degrees in Information Systems, Engineering and Management, and in Learning Technologies also explore project oriented disciplines in which the topics explored at the Project Leadership Forum are highly relevant.

Harrisburg University offers demand-driven undergraduate, graduate and professional development programs in applied science and technology fields for a diversity of learners. By integrating experiential learning, we educate career-minded individuals in nationally critical science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, giving them the tools to succeed in a 21st century knowledge-based economy. Our mission also includes a dedication to create, attract and expand economic opportunities in the region.

The IT Project Management Master of Science program at Harrisburg University is a 36 credit-hour degree program that covers essential skills and knowledge for managing IT projects, including such important requirements as project planning, procurement and risk management, systems integration, communications and organizational leadership. Within the University’s graduate program in IT Project Management, individuals can enroll in one of the following graduate certificates: Managing Software Development Projects (18 credits); Business Analysis for Project Management (12 credits); IT Project Management Certificate (12 credits).

The Information Systems, Engineering and Management Master of Science is a 36 credit-hour degree program that focuses on the skills and knowledge to plan for and integrate technologies with the processes and resources that are key to the success of an organization in today's complex, digital world. The master’s degree program is designed to provide you with both technical and business skills that are essential for strategic use of information technology to advance business goals. The program presents an interdisciplinary blend of information systems, systems engineering, and management. Graduates are ready to lead, manage, and engineer the complex IT systems needed to support businesses and other organizations.

The Learning Technologies Master of Science is a 36 semester credit hour program that provides students with leading edge approaches and skills to help them apply existing and emerging learning technologies in a variety of learning environments. A key element of the Learning Technologies master’s degree is the use of technology to integrate and develop new ways of learning and assessing learning, as well as exploring new approaches to work (especially collaborative work). The degree is a blend of theory and practice which develops skills that can be applied to complex education and training issues.

What makes the Project Leadership programs unique?

The program focuses on the interpersonal aspects of managing people. Through interactive case studies, you'll examine actual projects and learn about the leadership factors that impacted the project's outcome. Exchange lessons learned with peers, and hear about the techniques successful project leaders consider essential. Instructional seminars will explain key theories and principles that are the foundation for effective leadership behaviors.

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