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Applying leadership to Strategy, People, Climate in Project & Program Management

Project Leadership Forum

The Psychology of Project Leadership: Survival Skills for Discerning, Adapting and Continual Improvement

Leadership Development Sessions

'Communication Styles, Workplace Values, Motivators and Behaviors' - Interactive Roundtables

Before the event, forum attendees will complete the online Insights Talent Assessment. This tool will yield a personalized report that will be used in this session. The assessment and exercises will help you learn more about your own communication styles and workplace values, motivators and behaviors. During this session, multiple experiences will demonstrate application for becoming self and other aware, and how using this skill positively impacts workplace performance. When project managers learn how to read others they are better equipped to connect with project resources and adapt their styles and behaviors for risk and issue mitigation within unique organizational cultures.

In today's global economy, projects, and the individuals who manage them, are integral to successfully doing business in a dynamic, uncertain and increasingly complex environment. How can you maintain project success? The answer is simpler than you may think – TLC: Teambuilding, Leadership and Communication. These three interpersonal skills are the most critical to a project manager's success in the 21st century workplace. Learn how being socially aware will help you manage stakeholder relationships and identify where you have the ability to influence, no matter your position within the organizational hierarchy. Learn how behavioral science is important in understanding communication styles and workplace values, motivators and behaviors, and why the art of project management contributes to 80% of project and organizational success.

"Diversity: Individual Styles to Team Collaboration"

Description: Project teams and organizations are comprised of unique resources. Being aware of one's natural and adapted styles means better communication, improved leadership and enhanced teamwork. In today's organization, most projects are cross-functional in nature. The result is improved collaboration and organizational profitability because resources are skilled in the technical aspects (science) of project work and also in the art of project management.

Pre-Event Insights Talent Assessment

Enhance your personal and professional value and accelerate your team's performance by understanding motivational differences among individuals you work with. Start by taking a research-based online assessment which identifies your communication style, workplace motivators, values and behaviors. A personalized Insights Talent Report will be sent to you prior to the Forum, so that results can be used in interactive exercises and serve as a foundation for your reflection and learning throughout the event.

You'll learn how to use your areas of strength to adapt to colleagues with other styles. By becoming self and other aware, you'll help to foster a climate of communication and teamwork among your project teams and within the organization. Enhanced awareness of these factors will also contribute to better project risk mitigation and change management. Understanding and developing these skills leads to more successful project delivery and enhanced organizational success.

The assessment normally costs $150 but is available to registered conference attendees at no additional registration charge. Once you are registered and confirmed, you'll receive instructions (approximately 6-8 days before the event) for completing the online assessment. Attendees who wish to complete the assessments must do so prior to June 13.

What makes the Project Leadership programs unique?

The program focuses on the interpersonal aspects of managing people. Through interactive case studies, you'll examine actual projects and learn about the leadership factors that impacted the project's outcome. Exchange lessons learned with peers, and hear about the techniques successful project leaders consider essential. Instructional seminars will explain key theories and principles that are the foundation for effective leadership behaviors.

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