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Management & e-Business B.S. Degree at Harrisburg University

Deciding whether a company needs a new technology is not a technical decision, but a business decision. Similarly, establishing a company is not strictly a business decision - it involves analysis of several enabling technologies. The B.S. in Management & eBusiness at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology brings both of those necessary skills together in one program.

Management and eBusiness provides a unique opportunity for the student to learn about management and the technical aspects of modern businesses. Instead of separate and isolated courses in technology and business, the core curriculum is designed to integrate management and business principles with the latest eTechnologies, such as the Internet, web technologies, social networking, mobile computing and wireless communications. Specifically, the core courses cover business strategy, eBusiness, eCommerce, business management, business analysis and design, information technologies, media design, and the management aspects of marketing, finance and accounting with emphasis on eTechnologies (e.g., eMarketing and eManagement). Experiential projects and a capstone course on enterprise architectures further serve to develop a practice based integrated view of modern enterprises.

The program is designed to prepare the student to lead and engage in business analysis, marketing, finance, project management, entrepreneurships, information technology consulting, information technology management, eCommerce development and business system design. Because the University is located in the state capital, the student has access to a diverse array of government and business sites for suitable opportunities.

Digital Health

The amount of data collected by hospitals, doctors and insurance companies is astronomical. Managing this information takes a strong understanding of databases and the business of health care. As the population ages and health care systems become more complex, more technologists are needed that understand the distinct needs of health informatics.

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