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HU+U: Welcome Parents, Family, and Friends

As parents and family members, you are officially part of the HU family. We recognize the critical role parents can play in their student's educational experience. We believe in establishing a positive relationship with parents and family members is an important factor in the continued success of your student.

Coming to college is a big step, regardless of a person's background. Students often face challenges which many overwhelm and confuse them as they continue to evolve and change throughout their collegiate experience. Parents and family members can often help make such obstacles easier to overcome. We strive to create an environment where parents and family members are informed and involved with their student's college career. We encourage you to utilize this web site as it can provide you with helpful information about HU programs, resources, policies and procedures.

We hope you will take full advantage of the opportunities that await you and that you will continue to play an active role in your student's life. Remember to sign up to receive The eCONNECT, our monthly campust e-newsletter to ensure you receive important information, updates and tips. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to contact us at us at