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Harrisburg University is known for its outstanding science and technology-focused degree programs that lead to great careers. We offer studies in such exciting and diverse areas as nanotechnology, new media design, pharmaceutical design, and software engineering & analysis. Our programs are different in so many ways than the typical college. For starters, our students not only have a major in a strong career field, they also must gain competencies in eight key areas: critical thinking, communication, teamwork and collaboration, entrepreneurship, information literacy, ethical decision-making, global awareness, and civic engagement. We have found that regardless of the field entered, employers seek out students who are strong in these core competencies. When you graduate from Harrisburg University, you'll be the master of them all and ready to take on the world.

HU+U: Science & Technology Career-Focused Degree Options

Ready for the next step? Request information on our programsShare your contact information so we can continue the conversation through email or Facebook. Consider a visit to the campus. We offer private tours and special admissions events throughout the year. You can register by calling the admissions office at 717.901.5101. Learn more about the admissions process here or begin your online application.